In order to enhance career related knowledge, employees are offered training accordingly to the corresponding department.
Training refers to the various types of learning courses provided by our company for our new staff needing different levels and forms of vocational training.

Internal Verbal Training
Our HR department is authorized to give verbal training lessons for cross-departmental training. Learning materials are provided for self-compiled learning which should be kept in the HR after approved by the designated personnel.


Staff Training and Support
When our employees are dedicated to further their education to obtain a college degree we reimburse the cost of learning.

Commissioned to Learn
Directors or manager level jobs attend courses including MBA or any short-term training.

Non-Academic Courses (Short-Term Skills Training)
Employees who have been with our company for a minimum of three years may apply to learning courses to improve their professional work quality and skills.
As part of the management team training and skill development and guidance will be available on a regular basis.

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