Core Values

Core Values

Core Values


Our core values shape our corporate culture and define who we are. These values guide us in business operations and decision-making, give us a strong sense of responsibility, ownership and unity in dealing with external changes, and continuously enhance business performance.


We are always committed to meeting the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We never compromise on ethics for the sake of meeting certain goals or achieving business growth. We hope that all Forcomer observe the highest ethical standards when they are working with clients, suppliers, communities and other individuals.



Our Core Values Include




Treat all individuals, organizations, and everyone else in the community equally. Put the clients first and strive to create maximum value for them.



Respect each other and work in a environment of mutual respect. Respect all stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers, partners and competitors. Respect everyone in our community.




Work together to achieve common goals by giving our advantages to the full play and encouraging team diversity and innovation



Maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, celebrate and share successes with all employees and partners for greater vision and ambition.



Core Values


Treat all individuals, organizations, and everyone else in the community equally. Put the clients first and strive to create maximum value for them.


Excerpt: “We should all believe in equality. Everybody, including our clients and suppliers, should be treated equally, regardless of their positions and status. Our company has no room for cliques and factions, and does not want to see office politics which is common in many companies.”


Connotation and Code of Conduct

• With employees

We treat each other equally. We call others by their English names instead of 'boss' or 'president'. We don’t practice office politics and form cliques and factions.

We provide employees with equal learning and development opportunities.

We give employees equal opportunities of promotion and career development.

We solve problems, rather than play the blame game. We firmly believe that actions speak louder than words.


•  With clients

We always put the clients first and strive to create maximum value for them.

We treat clients equally, regardless of their nationalities, cultural customs, religious beliefs and other backgrounds.

We conduct dialogue with clients on an equal footing by providing quality products and services.

We adhere to the basic corporate and personal principles, such as not taking clients to bars, etc.

When we have disagreements with clients, we try to reach a consensus by speaking with facts and data.


• With suppliers

We respect and cooperate with suppliers, instead of taking advantage of them.

We walk the talk and abide by agreements. We always make payment on time according to contracts.

If any problem emerges, we negotiate and work with suppliers instead of giving them a hard time.

We give all qualified suppliers equal opportunities, rather than give special treatment to certain suppliers. We don’t accept gifts or special treatment from suppliers in any form.

We seek common development with suppliers and try to create more value for them.


• With competitors

We would like to make progress and grow together with other companies, with the ultimate goal of providing end users with the best products and services.

We compete with other companies on an equal footing. We never conduct unfair competition or damage the reputation and brand image of other companies.


• With the government, communities and other stakeholders

We abide by laws and regulations of the local government, as well as rules set by professional associations.

We maintain an equal relationship with the government and comply with relevant government regulations and requirements.

Core Values

Respect each other and work in a environment of mutual respect. Respect all stakeholders, including employees, clients, suppliers, partners and competitors. Respect everyone in our community.


Excerpt: 'Respect is not just being polite and well-mannered, but more about gratitude. You should show respect for nature, for the world, for everyone and everything around you, and for what you have. You should put forward constructive opinions and suggestions and work hard to follow your principles with a positive mindset, rather than indulge in cynical empty talk. You should also respect others’ work and respect differences in others.



Connotation and Code of Conduct


• With employees

We create a workplace environment of mutual respect and understanding. We greet each other warmly in the morning, always offer a helping hand to colleagues in need and treat everybody equally. If any conflicts arise, we resolve the problem on the basis of mutual respect instead of playing the blame game.

We support employee growth and professional development.

We guarantee employees occupational safety and protect their physical and mental well-being.


• With the company

We work with a sense of ownership.

We honor integrity.

We avoid conflicts of interest.

We protect company assets and confidential information.

We do not give or accept inappropriate gifts or special treatment in any form.

Be altruistic: leave the conference room and bathroom nice and clean; never waste or occupy resources that should be shared with others, including parking spaces, tissues, etc.


• With partners

We respect the privacy and confidential information of others.

We honor our commitment to all partners.


• With the community

We comply with local laws and regulations.

We are committed to building a strong relationship with our community.


• With the environment

We seek to develop in harmony with the environment.

We are committed to protecting the environment.


Core Values

Work together to achieve common goals by complementing each other’s strengths and encouraging team diversity and innovation.


Excerpt: 'We firmly believe in the power of teamwork and cooperation. We give credit to heroes and those who have made great contributions to the company, but we are more willing to create a well-ordered and altruistic environment where every stakeholder and every individual coexist and achieve win-win results. To this end, we despise selfishness and shortsightedness, and we will always weed out those who are selfish and unscrupulous.'



Connotation and Code of Conduct

• Big-Picture Thinking

Thinking from the perspective of the company or team instead of pursuing the interest of ones own or a clique.

Balancing long-term and short-term interests. Not only aiming high but also working hard instead of being short-sighted and unrealistic.


• Achieving Win-win Results

Building and fostering trust at work through cooperation, and not doing anything that may undermine mutual trust.

Collaborating with others and leveraging strengths to achieve common goals. Toasting to those who succeed and offering a helping hand to those who fail.'


• Cooperation and Innovation

Encouraging and embracing different ideas and suggestions.

Seeking new methods, models and pathways.

Encouraging innovation and creating an enabling environment.

Being open to different views without stereotypes.


• Coordination and Communication

Actively seeking cooperation with others, staying open-minded and never trying to do everything all by yourself.

Never taking things personally when involved in a conflict. Having faith in others’ good intentions. Tackling the conflict head on and never losing trust in others because it’s the best time to build trust when conflicts arise.

Sharing information. Sharing all the information that is necessary to achieve goals and get work done.

Solving problems through cooperation instead of passing the buck when the mechanism and systems are imperfect.



Core Values

Maintain an entrepreneurial spirit, celebrate and share our successes with all employees and partners for greater vision and ambition.



Excerpt: 'The biggest management task that constantly occupies my mind is: how can we build and optimize an innovative corporate governance mechanism through trial and error so that every Forcomer contributing to the company can have a reasonable share of the fruits in a fair and pragmatical way? How can we serve the interest of every individual and the company as a whole? After all, personal success is just an illusion without realizing corporate goals. As part of the company, what can you do to shoulder responsibilities and contribute to the company?



Connotation and Code of Conduct


• Sharing between colleagues

Sharing knowledge and information related to the company or work.

Sharing experiences of successes and failures.

Sharing non-confidential and necessary information across departments and teams. There should not be an invisible wall between different departments.


• Sharing across the company

Establishing a sharing mechanism which “values those who work hard”. Credit should be given to effective and goal-oriented efforts rather than blind or ineffective ones

We have always adhered to the following model of profit distribution: employees first, middle management second, executive management third, and shareholders last. That’s why shareholders almost received no dividends in the early days of FORCOME.

Our investment priorities are as follows: first, employees (professional training, development and advancement, etc.); second, working environment (painting the office walls with environmentally-friendly material, installing a heating system in the whole building, equipping workshops with central air-conditioning, etc.); third, factories, machinery and equipment, etc.


• Sharing between the company and society

Actively cooperating with all kinds of charities and non-governmental organizations to promote the development of public education, healthcare, employment and other aspects.

Encouraging employees to take part in projects funded by our company or other volunteering activities to play their part and share their experience.

Sharing successes and failures with partners to foster the development of the industry and the sector.

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